Bard Scholarship Competition

Bard MBA in Sustainability Scholarship Competition Up To $20,000!

Shop Your Values Week and Bard have teamed up to provide the “Shop Your Values Week Bard MBA in Sustainability Scholarship” competition from April 19th, 2012 – June 15th, 2012. The winner of the competition will receive a scholarship for up to $20,000 towards tuition for Bard College’s, low-residency MBA in Sustainability, based in NYC.

The Shop Your Values Week Bard MBA in Sustainability scholarship is based on academic merit and the candidate’s ability to live their values in all spheres of their life. The scholarship award starts at $1,000 and will be increased by $25, up to a maximum value of $20,000 for the two-year program1, for every person that shares on Facebook or Twitter ”I just added $25 to the Bard MBA in Sustainability Scholarship for #SYVW!

In order to be considered for the scholarship, candidates must submit the following:

Scholarship finalists will include those who are accepted into the MBA program for Fall 2012, and who submit their video. The scholarship will be awarded to a candidate from this pool by a selection committee including representatives from the Bard MBA and Shop Your Values Week.

1 To be awarded in equal amounts each year, eg, $10,000 in the first year of study, and $10,000 in the second year, for a student enrolled full-time in the program.

Scholarship Entry Form

Fill out the form below to add your entry for the scholarship competition. Also, be sure to start the application process as well if you haven’t already.