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Values Are Not Vain!

April 24, 2012 - Consumers, Partners
By Nestor Bailly

You know how some nonprofits and businesses have branded t-shirts? Usually the free kind, made of unsustainable cotton, questionable labor, and even more questionable taste? We’ve all got a few in the back of our closets.

Well, our friends at The Vanity Project want to change that. They make tees and hoodies based on the logos of nonprofits into fashionable items you would actually want to wear. Made with organic cotton, ethical labor, and a sweet graphic, these shirts are then sold online…with 51% of the profits going back to the nonprofits!

So we’ve teamed up with The Vanity Project to make Shop Your Values Week shirts, as you can see below. 51% of the proceeds will benefit our nonprofit friends at the Fourth Arts Block, Lower East Side Ecology Center, and Just Food!

This is a limited edition release, so grab ‘em while they’re hot!

Get out there and flout your values with the Shop Your Values shirt. It’s pretty rad, no? You’ll be supporting a great cause, and great local nonprofits.

Buy ‘em here!

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