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The Business of Being Sustainable

April 23, 2012 - Business, Consumers, Sustainability
By Nestor Bailly

When you walk into a store or restaurant, how do you know where your money is going? Whether what you buy has a big environmental impact? If the employees serving you are well treated? Is the art on the walls from local artists?

Answers to these questions are hard to find for most people. If you care about the environment, community, and business ethics, and want to support local spots that care too, how will you know where to spend your time and money?

It turns out that many businesses actually do awesome things, from sourcing locally and organically to donating employee time to community organizations. But they don’t advertise that they do them. Sure, there are some certifications and stickers on the storefront, but what do they mean?

Our prime directive here at ethikus is to give you the information you need to make conscientious purchasing decisions. We find out the answers to the above questions and list them as credentials so you can make your own decision on whether that business’s practices match your values.

That’s one part of it. The flip side of ethikus is our close relationships with local businesses, helping them promote the great things they do for planet and community. Where there’s room for improvement, we can provide resources they need and give them extra visibility for making positive changes.

By rewarding those that are sustainable and ethical, we encourage others to become so. Not only are the savings from ethical and eco-friendly business practices very real, with ethikus they will actually drive additional revenue when we present them to consumers who care.

We are creating a three-way win-win: A win for consumers, who now know what businesses to support, a win for businesses doing the right thing, and a win for local organizations engaged with both businesses and consumers. We’re just here in the middle, making it work for everyone with Shop Your Values Week.

What kind of information would you like to know about a local business before making a purchase? Let us know on TwitterFacebook, or attend one of our Meetups!

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