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Sustainable Students Unite!

April 9, 2012 - Community, Consumers, Sustainability
By Nestor Bailly

On Friday ethikus held its first gathering of local sustainability student leaders at Ciao for Now, a lovely East Village cafe with excellent ethical and green practices.

It was the first chance for student leaders from many of the city’s universities to mingle and compare best practices on advancing sustainability on their campuses. Our mission is to bring together like-minded organizations who share values and goals so we can collaborate to achieve them! We exchanged ideas and business cards and learned about each other’s programs while enjoying great food and tasty beverages.

Everyone seemed excited about Shop Your Values Week (SYVW), ethikus’ week-long celebration of local stores and restaurants doing good in New York, and wanted to learn about how to get involved. It starts with taking the pledge, which many attendees did! One lucky pledgee won a $50 ethikus voucher to Greensquare Tavern, another fantastic ethical and sustainable restaurant in Flatiron.

After an intro to SYVW from ethikus founder Jeff, we also heard from Matt of ThinkEco. They’ve created the Modlet, a ‘modern outlet’ that monitors wasted electricity and turns off all power to appliances not in use, saving huge amounts of energy.

There are tons of great events planned during SYVW, from riverside dance parties to bike tours and BBQs, and of course all club members are invited to those. The best way to stay in the know is to take the SYVW pledge!

Are you passionate about sustainability and local businesses? Get involved in the #SYVW movement! Take the pledge, join us on Facebook and Twitter, and if you’d like to volunteer contact us at: volunteer AT ethikus DOT COM.

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