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FlashMob Pro-Taste At 4Food!

April 19, 2012 - Business, Event
By Jeff HIttner

We had a rad time today at our Pro-Taste at 4Food! Its was protest in support of an awesome restaurant that operates locally, ethically, and sustainably.

Pedestrians, customers, and the police who showed up were all really interested (and a little confused!) about our reverse protest…and they were all cool with it! We walked around and chanted slogans highlighting 4Food’s ethical and sustainable businesses practices, and encouraged people to get their lunches there.

4Food Logo

Here’s a little bit of amazing background on 4food:

  • 75% of their food is sourced locally
  • 75% organic (and when not organic they use all-natural and certified best practices)
  • eggs are certified pasture raised, organic and of course hormone free
  • meat is grass fed
  • nutritional info for all orders is provided in detail on your receipt, online and in the store
  • leftovers go to City Harvest
  • they use compostable and recycled materials for to-go plates, cups, etc
  • coffee is fair trade and grinds are composted
  • provide healthcare AND dental care for full AND part-time staff
  • provide formal training, reimburse for job related classes and promote from within
  • offer paid time off to support community projects
  • donate store space to community meetings, donate staff time to charities
  • compost their food waste with their own food composter
  • installed additional natural light, LEDs, energy star appliances, light timers, low flow faucets and toilets,
  • they’ve completed an energy audit
  • they use chemical free cleaning products (from Cleanse Tec)

This is what it’s all about! Great local businesses doing amazing things for their employees, community and environment. With Shop Your Values Week you can discover these stores and restaurants and enjoy free events and discounts across the city. If you’d like to learn more, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and join our Meetup!

Check out all of the photos from the ‘pro-taste’ here. Have you taken the Shop Your Values Week Pledge Yet? Pledge to support ethical, local and sustainable businesses May 3 – 10 and enjoy tons of great events and discounts across the city!

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